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The services offered by HST Technologies Company our customers are:

  •  Search for reliable products and manufacturers in China or Asia according to customer requirements to invest safely: (Any legal product)
  •  Quality Supervision Services for private clients or requiring importers Quality Inspection services in China.
  •  Reliability Verification, Reliability, Quality and Certificates Manufacturer.
  •  Dealing directly with the manufacturer in China to get the best product cost for the customer.
  • Import Export

  •  Product Quality Reports and manufacturer with photos, videos and inspection certificates.
  •  Sending physical samples of the product to Mexico or any other country in the world to hire our services.
  •  Wholesale and retail purchases.
  •  Services Representation of Mexican companies in Hong Kong or China (including address and phone).
  •  Our staff speaks English, Spanish and Chinese.

 a focus about our services

  • Customers requiring products made in China and need to find the desired product through our services with the estimated price for them hiring reliable manufacturers, from quality control in the manufacturing process to the final quality control for the export and import to Mexico be required.
  • Customers who order products from manufacturers of their choice:
    • Quality Control in any type of product that is ordered in China controlled directly from the manufacturer's premises.
    • Thorough inspection the seriousness of manufacturer certifications, quality and warranty of the product from the beginning of the order until the shipment.
    • Certificate and Final Inspection Report of Product Quality.
    • We obtain the necessary information about the quality standards that customers expect from the product and the manufacturer's facility controls and monitors the product development process to completion, including downstream services such as export and import from China to Mexico.


Advantages of hiring process quality control in China

  • Advantages of hiring processes quality control in China.
  • Watch the order, the seriousness of the manufacturer, production capacity, product quality, delivery times.
  • Track detailed manufacturer's operations.
  • They identify problems during production and are more easily corrected before export.


Quality plan

It is a plan which sets out the projects and actions to maximize the quality of operations and, consequently, customer satisfaction.

These actions are to be relevant enough to have an impact on the client's objectives.

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